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Zakelijk communiceren in het Engels

Wil je met jouw bedrijf professioneel overkomen dan is het belangrijk dat jouw mondelinge- en schriftelijke communicatie dat ook is.

Je kunt op verschillende manieren communiceren met jouw buitenlandse zakenpartner. Misschien stuur je een Engelse e-mail of voer je een zakelijk telefoongesprek. Of je neemt deel aan een vergadering in het Engels, geeft een presentatie of hebt een verkoopgesprek.

Met schoolengels kom je er dan niet. 

Daarom laten we je in dit artikel verschillende mogelijkheden zien om goed voor de dag te komen. Daarbij geven we je voorbeeldzinnen die je gelijk kunt gaan gebruiken. Zo kun je een professioneel gesprek in het Engels voeren.

Algemene vragen

Sorry, may I ask you why … ?
Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me where the reception is ?  
I’m interested in a new car, could you give a little more information about this model?
I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean …
Could you please explain what you mean by this?

Vragen om actie te ondernemen

Hi Brian, I hope you contacted CBA about the meeting next week.
Will you ask Mandy to arrange a lunch for our guests?
Martin, could you take care of this please?
David, could you send us this information the latest next Friday?
I would like you to contact them again and sort it out.

Mogelijke antwoorden (positief):

I’ll make sure it is done by Thursday.
No problem, I will do that straight away Peter.
I’ll deal with that after the lunch break.
Hi Karen, when do you need it sorted out?
I’ll contact them by phone, that is quicker. 

Mogelijke antwoorden (negatief):

I’m sorry John, but this is something for our sales department  to sort out.
I can’t let Kim do that, she is far too busy right now.
I’d like to help you out, but my time is fully taken up with the ABC project.
I think that I am not the right person for this but I’ll give it a go.
Sorry, but you will have to find someone else, I’m up to my neck in work.

Jouw mening geven

Sorry to interrupt Jeffrey, but I don’t think this is possible.
I don’t agree, under no circumstances would I agree to that.
Could I just finish what I was saying?
I think you are wrong/right.
I totally agree with you.
I strongly disagree with this proposal. 
Andrew, I hope you have considered that … .
I cannot go along with that.
I’m convinced that this won’t solve our problems.
To put it bluntly, I think this is ridiculous. 

Vragen om te informeren naar de status   

Mary, can you bring us up to date on the Marketing project ?
Did you get approval on the quotation we sent  last week, John?
Neil, did you get back to VRT Logistics about the new warehouse?
How did our team do at the sales competition last week?
Tell us  Kevin, any progress on the deal with ABC?

Een gesprek/informatie samenvatten

Okay everybody, to recap on what has been discussed … .
To cut it short, can we agree on this proposal?
Our next steps are that we start with … on Monday.
Would you mind to summarize it briefly for us Karen?
So, what we decide is that .. .

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